Salmon cold cake Recipe

Salmon cold cake with sliced ​​bread

It is an ideal starter if you have guests, and it can be prepared in advance. A cold pie with layers of sliced bread covered with smoked salmon, the filling can be varied with your favourite ingredients.
Very simple to prepare the salmon cold cake , first we will make the filling and then we just have to assemble it in the mould and let it rest.
You will need a mould, I have used a rectangular silicone mould, the same one I use for the plum cake.

30 min
16 min
2 h
2 h 46 min


  • 1 mold
  • cling film


  • 250g smoked salmon
  • 6 slices crustless sliced ​​bread
  • 2 eggs
  • 6 surimi sticks
  • some pitted olives
  • Mayonnaise
  • 1 can of tuna, well drained
  • some anchovies
  • 5 some salted cooked prawns
  • 2 piquillo peppers


1 First we chop the surimi and reserve it on a plate.

2 Boil the eggs for 16 minutes, when they are not burnt, peel them, cut them into pieces and set them aside.

3 We are going to prepare the stuffing, in a colander we put the ingredients of the stuffing in pieces:
Tuna, olives, peppers, diced prawns and anchovies. Set aside two anchovies and two prawns for decoration.

4 Place the drained ingredients in a bowl and add the surimi and the chopped hard-boiled eggs.

5 Add the mayonnaise and mix.

6 Prepare a rectangular mould and calculate the size of the slices of bread in case it is necessary to cut them a little, I have had to adjust them a little.

7 We put cling film in the mould so that there is enough on the sides to wrap it well once it has been assembled and wrapped with the salmon.

8 Separate the slices of smoked salmon and arrange them in the bottom of the mould, lining the outside of the mould.

9 Place two slices of sliced bread in the bottom of the mould on top of the salmon layer.

10 Spread a layer of the previous filling on top of the sliced bread.

11 Place two more slices of bread on top of the previous layer of filling.

12 Now we spread a second layer of filling on the bread.

13 Lastly, place the last slices of bread on top.

14 Wrap the salmon on top and close it like a package with cling film and keep it in the fridge for at least one hour.

This would be the step where we would keep it until the next day if we prepare it a day in advance.

15 The next step is to take it out and open the cling film on top, then place the serving dish on top of the mould and turn it upside down, it is very simple, it unmoulds by itself.

16 We remove the transparent film, and all that remains is to decorate it to our liking and enjoy.


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