Cream of leeks

With kitchen robot Monsieur Cuisine

Cream of leek soup is one of my favourite starters or simply a light supper,
I will use the food processor, but it is also very easy to prepare it manually, it only takes a little more time.
It is a delicious recipe and very easy to prepare, it is not the “Vichyssoise” French dish that is eaten cold, it is a different variation, ideal to be eaten hot.

5 min
25 min
30 min
Mediterranean French
150 kcal

Robot cooker can also be processed manually


2 leeks
1 garlic
half an onion
a little oregano, a few leaves of parsley optional
a little nutmeg
30 g butter
salt, pepper to taste
a dash of cream
600 ml vegetable or chicken stock or, failing that, water


Wash and chop the vegetables and put them in the jug of the food processor together with the oil.

Program 6 seconds at speed 6 with the measuring spoon on.
Open and lower the vegetables downwards with a spatula and without the measuring spoon program
Sauté programme 5 minutes temperature 110 speed 1 without the measuring spoon. In the frying programme always remove the measuring spoon.

Open and add a little oregano, parsley, stock and butter.

Program the cooking time with the measuring cup on for 25 minutes, at 100 degrees, speed 3.

Once the programme has finished, open it and it is time to add the milk and nutmeg if you like.
Now close again and with the measuring spoon on, we will give it the fine texture of cream.

Program 1 minute at a speed of 7 to 10, increasing it manually, with the measuring spoon on.

Once it has finished, taste it to see if it is to our taste of salt, and we have finished our light recipe.

Another similar and very light recipe in which we can use vegetables left in the fridge is Crema de verduras in its version with or without food processor.

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