Welcomo to my blog.

I am Faika, from Barcelona and I discovered a few years ago that confectionery relaxes me a lot, the truth is that little by little I became fond of cooking, especially confectionery and I am enjoying it, trying recipes and turning with the flour in my kitchen that I call “my laboratory”.
So to my late love for confectionery I have added my other love for technology and here I find myself making
my website with WordPress a small and humble blog through which I will share my recipes with you.
I will be delighted to receive your advice and suggestions and also your criticism of course.

Access the blog, search by sections and you will get a simple and easy recipe to prepare, do not hesitate to send your questions, comments and suggestions.

You will also find tricks and cooking techniques special recipes without gluten, vegan, etc.

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Thank you very much.

Faikaa woman on the island of capri on the back the sea

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